Assistance and services offered in the area:

Service of information and dissemination 

Advisory Service

Relationship service

Management service

Coordination and management of the area of recruitment via 

Monitoring of compliance with internal policy and applicable law in the processing of contracts between the University and external entities (national and international).

Advice in the drafting of proposed projects, budgets and contracts, and actions property industrial/intellectual.

Negotiation of contracts of transfer of technology. Intermediation in contacts between the ANNU researchers and external entities (national and international) for the transfer of technology to establish a collaboration agreement.

Processing internal and external recruitment from the University until the signing of contracts and the beginning of the projects or work therein. Resolution of the possible effects of the agreement during its term.

Collaboration in the definition and modification of internal processes for handling of contracts 

Management of information and databases of the recruitment 

Control and ensure the implementation of the quality standards set by the address of the service in all efforts to make the area of recruitment.