Company Relations

AN-Najah National University through the Area of Relations with the Company puts at the disposal of companies and entrepreneurs a one-stop business information on the activities of research, projects and technologies applicable to the business fabric.

This area consists of university-trained technicians who know in detail capabilities, results of research, technology and patents of the research groups of AN-Najah National University offers.

The main objective of this area is to contact companies with researchers to facilitate the development of R&D projects and technological solutions to the business needs.

In addition, is responsible for to publicize to the business sector and society the latest research, technologies and projects developed by the staff of the University, so that they are used and applied in their companies.

Also, other of the objectives is detecting and cataloguing of innovative technology from research projects carried out by the staff of the University. The objective of this cataloguing is searching results that may be applicable in our socio-economic environment. For this purpose, it has different routes of transfer of technology according to the characteristics and needs of enterprises such as the development of projects of R&D, the expertise or license contracts for exploitation of the patents.

Services offered


The objectives of this area are the detection of innovative technology (product, service, expertise, process) developed by researchers at the University with capacity to be applied to the industry, as well as the promotion of this through various regional, national and international channels.

Offered the following Services researcher:

  1. Visit the research groups to detect potential technological offers.

  2. Together with the researcher a plan of technological exploitation in order to find the most suitable technology partner.

  3. Technology to promote sectoral events and fairs.

  4. Manage and mediate with companies or other entities for technological cooperation.

In addition to these the researcher-oriented services, offers a comprehensive set of services designed to meet the needs of our companies and the rest of our socio-economic environment such as:

  • Visits of offer:

Any company or external entity who wants to know the range of technologies and capabilities of our researchers may request a meeting at the University or in their facilities, where you will be informed of:

  1. Technological offer that best suits your needs.
  2. Formulas for cooperation with the University for use of the available knowledge.
  3. Formulas of funding available for realization of joint projects.
  4. Any other matter arising out of interest for both parties.
  • Technological Diagnostics:

If the company does not know their needs and potential in terms of innovation and technology, you can request the implementation of a diagnostic technology. Technicians in the area of relations with the company visit you during a morning or an afternoon to carry out the same.

The diagnosis aims to analyze the company to meet its technological potential and their potential for improvement, detecting those projects and developments of the company that are capable of obtaining financial support from public agencies.

As result of the diagnosis offered recommendations of lines of financing for their projects, qualified relief tax r & d, potential partners, research groups, personal, ingeniarĂ­as and workshops, as well as any information your company needs to undertake its projects.

  • Management of grants and subsidies:

For projects that the companies will undertake, with special emphasis on those who carry a collaboration of the University , we offer you the possibility to manage the aid records, working primarily in:

  1. Search for funding sources for projects to be developed.
  2. Drafting and preparation of documentation for submission to different agencies.
  3. Search of research groups and other necessary external collaborations for the project.
  4. Monitoring and justification of the projects