MoreThanAJob (Reinforcing social and solidarity economy for the unemployed, uneducated and refugees) is a project funded by the European Union, under the ENI CBC MED programme. The programme is managed by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia (Italy) and aims to promote cross-border cooperation in the Mediterranean region.




The financial crisis in Europe, as well as the unstable financial & political situation in many MPC countries sorely tested the applied economic model. The whole MED area faces serious job deficits. Unemployment in the region is growing. Furthermore, around 15M persons (migrants &refugees) born in a 3rd country currently live in the region and need to find a job or enter the education system. It has become apparent that new & credible alternatives to the mainstream economy are needed. These transformations in the economy and the society have brought increased attention to the social and solidarity economy (SSE) actors that have been capable of helping to turn the challenges described into an opportunity. Nevertheless, in order for the SSE initiatives to be efficient, effective collaboration with the public authorities is fundamental.


MoreThanAJob will promote economic & social development by facilitating the inclusion in the employment & educational system of some of the most vulnerable population groups. It will deliver and demonstrate a framework of best practices for inclusion of the unemployed (including refugees & uneducated) in the work & education system. The framework is based on the collaboration of SSE actors and public authorities for delivering more effectively their services. Selected SSE actors will also be directly supported through sub-grants.


The SSE actors & public institutions will be trained in the application of the framework. Pilot sub-projects applying the framework will also take place. By assisting the target population in entering the economy, we foresee at least 500 new full-time contracts. To make an impact in the long-term, train-the-trainer seminars have been planned, as well as policy recommendations. In the long-term, by applying the framework, we foresee at least 1000 new jobs in each of the target countries yearly. Long-term impact is also expected in the SSE actors’ ecosystem (at least 100 new positions per year in each country).


General objective


Enforce social inclusion of vulnerable, unemployed populations by applying best practices for more effective collaboration of the SSE actors with the public administration


Expected results


The expected results of the project are the following:


  • Enhance access to the employment and education system for the uneducated and for the refugees, that do not possess formal proofs of qualifications and skills


  • Design and use a framework of new social pilot schemes, based on international best practices, for assisting the Social & Solidarity economy actors working in the field of unemployment and facilitating their interaction with the public administration


  • Develop a virtual multilingual interactive space (portal) to enrich the interaction between the Social and Solidarity Economy and the Public administration.  The portal will facilitate exchanges and cooperation beyond the face-to-face interactions during the project duration and beyond



Expected outputs

  • Training seminars for SSE actors
  • Train-the-trainer workshops
  • Open call (sub-grants) report
  • Report on best practices in social schemes to the benefit of unemployment of vulnerable pupulations
  • MoreThanAJob framework of social schemes and guidelines for its implementation
  • Evaluation report on SSE sub-projects’ progress and results
  • Report on the portal assessment
  • Open call (sub-grants) launching documentation
  • Evaluation report on SSE sub-projects’ progress and results
  • MoreThanAJob portal
  • Portal content
  • Training seminars for public authorities in the field of employment, education and migration
  • Report describing the modalities of implementing the MoreThanAJob framework
  • New/improved policy suggestions
  • MoUs with the SSE actors involved in sub-grants




An-Najah National University (ANNU)




Nablus chamber of commerce and industry (NCCI)





Ministry of Public Works & Housing (MPWH)





Mutah University (MUTAH)



Business Consultancy and Training Services (BCTS)









Eurotraining Educational Organization SA (EUROTRAINING)






Start date: 4th of September 2019

Duration: three years

Total project Budget:  2.051.597, 00 €

EU Contribution: 1.84.643.7, 30 € (90 %)





Imad Ibrik

EU projects coordinator

[email protected]