The Programme at a glance

ENI CBC Med, a hub for cooperation in the Mediterranean

Home to some of the world’s most ancient civilizations, hub for trade and transport, unique hotspot for biodiversity, the Mediterranean faces a multitude of common challenges, including climate change, pollution, youth unemployment and social inequality.

Acting together to address these challenges and improve the lives of men and women across the region is the impetus for the 2014-2020 ENI CBC “Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme”. ENI CBC Med is the largest Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC) initiative implemented by the EU under the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI).

The Programme brings together the coastal territories of 14 EU and partner countries in view of fostering fair, equitable and sustainable development on both sides of the EU’s external borders.

Through calls for proposals, ENI CBC Med finances cooperation projects for a more competitive, innovative, inclusive and sustainable Mediterranean area.

Our mission: addressing together major development challenges

The general objective of the Programme is to foster fair, equitable and sustainable economic, social and territorial development, which may advance cross-border integration and valorise participating countries’ territories and values. The strategy is based on the following two overall objectives:

  • Promote economic and social development
  • Address common challenges in the environment

The overall EU contribution of the Programme for the 2014-2020 period is € 209 million, out of which €188  for project financing. Nearly €20 million are dedicated to Technical Assistance in order to ensure the timely, smooth and efficient implementation of the Programme.

The Programme contributes up to maximum 90% of the total eligible budget costs of the projects, while a co-financing of minimum 10% must be provided at project level. The Programme does not foresee any pre-allocation of funds by country, meaning that projects are selected only on the basis of their quality.
In order to encourage a real co-ownership of the Programme, at least 50% of the project budget shall be dedicated to activities implemented in Mediterranean Partner Countries.

Cross-border cooperation, an engine for the development of the Euro-Mediterranean area

Within the general context of the European Neighbourhood Policy, cross-border cooperation (CBC) plays an essential role by operating for the benefit of both sides of the EU’s external borders and drawing on funding from both external and internal headings of the European Union.

CBC is based on the principles of co-ownership, partnership and common benefits: it contributes to the overall European Neighbourhood Instrument objective of progress towards an area of shared prosperity and good neighbourliness between EU Member States and partner countries. Under the 2014-2020 period, the European Union has invested more than €1 billion to support 16 ENI CBC programmes between EU Member States and neighbouring countries sharing a land border, a sea crossing or a sea basin, from the Arctic to the Southern Mediterranean.

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The European Neighbourhood Policy

Through its European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), which has been revised in November 2015, the EU works with its Southern and Eastern Neighbours to foster stabilisation, security and prosperity, in line with the Global Strategy for the European Union's Foreign and Security Policy.

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