An-Najah National University participated in the management meeting of the Erasmus+ project “PALIB” took place in Palermo, Italy


Dr.Imad Ibrik , Director of  International Projects and Grants Center , and Palib E+ project coordinator at AN-Najah National University , Participated in PaLib Management Meeting in Palermo, Italy ,on 26 – 27 July 2022, the meeting aims to gathering the steering committee members as well as management staff from project partners : UCAS, IUG, PPU, ANNU, UCAM, UNIVAQ and ARCES in site and remotely to discuss the timeline of the upcoming activities, Financial report, Oversight monitoring, Sustainability and Dissemination Plans.

It’s worth to mention that PALIB aims at enhancing the capacity higher education in terms of widening literature resources of Palestinian students, academicians, and researchers by building a cross-platform and connecting the digital library and centers in the local universities as well as building a research gate for Palestinian universities that is customizable with respect to different research aspects. The partners are exchanging experiences and already identified the best practices to bridge the research and libraries databases.

In June 2022, ANNU Participated in the celebration ceremony for the Launching of the National Portals for Scientific Research and Libraries with all project partners and stakeholders.

Dr. Imad Brik; said, "We are always proud of similar innovative projects. This platform is not only a database but also genuinely encourages researchers from different Palestinian universities to connect professionally".

It’s worth mentioning also that ANNU technical team participated in all in all systems platforms (mentioned above) design and developing, implementation, and maintenance processes.