An-Najah University is moving towards clean and renewable energy


The process of installing a power generation project using solar cells on the roof of the building of the Faculty of Agriculture - An-Najah National University, with a production capacity of 80 kilowatts, and funded by the European Union program, ENI CBC-MED within the activities of the MED-ECOSURE project, has begun.

It is noteworthy that this project is not the first of its kind at the university, as the success trend towards shifting to relying on clean and renewable energy began as an idea in the nineties.
The idea of ​​solar energy projects is for the buildings to be able to cover part of their needs, because it is not possible for any building to cover its needs completely, but if you cover 65% of the building’s energy needs, you are talking about saving an amount of money to cover the expenses This could help create a new project in the long run.”

We work at An-Najah University with all our energy to implement our goal of covering all university buildings with solar energy as soon as possible, but there are limitations and factors that play an important role in this issue, the most important of which is the political factor and the university’s policy in obtaining funding